About the Company
CAPE SAL helps organizations identify, understand and manage the risks they face. We carefully assess risk from an insurance standpoint and provide comprehensive services including cover design or selection, contract broking and claims handling.

We are committed to serving our clients, on any scale, anywhere, with precisely the service they need, whether that means efficient and cost-effective standard insurance placement or leading-edge, client-focused policy design.

About the Company
  • Establishment
    CAPE SAL was established in 1987 by Msr. May Ogden-Smith a veteran in the insurance market, Cheikh Walid el Khazen a prominent Beirut lawyer and M. Fadi Romanos a young and dynamic insurance broker.
  • A turning point
    In 1999 the company witnessed a turning point with the appointment as board members of Anthony Naoum a graduate of Concordia University, Canada who held previous positions at the National Bank of Canada and Nasco Karaoglan Group and Samer Nasr a graduate from the renowned Ecole Polythecnique, France with previous positions at UAP and Nasco Karaoglan Group.
  • Main Concentration
    In the early years of operation the company mainly concentrated on the more common medical, motor marine and property markets but as of the late 90’s new lines such as engineering, liability and financial risks, transactional risks and aviation were added to keep pace with the changing insurance industry. The track record of CAPE in these less traditional lines is unsurpassed in the region. In the last decade, the company has expanded beyond its domestic market throughout the Mideast, Gulf and Africa.
  • Where we are now
    Today, CAPE remain at the forefront of the insurance industry through a large network of insurance and reinsurance partners and a variety of insurance-related products and services.