About the Company
CAPE SAL helps organizations identify, understand and manage the risks they face. We carefully assess risk from an insurance standpoint and provide comprehensive services including cover design or selection, contract broking and claims handling. 

We are committed to serving our clients, on any scale, anywhere, with precisely the service they need, whether that means efficient and cost-effective standard insurance placement or leading-edge, client-focused policy design.
Corporate Activities
CAPE specializes in working with corporate clients to develop operation specific insurance policies. Our prime focus is on building partnerships with our clients by way of an unrivaled expert and cost effective risk  management approach. This means that whether you are an established business looking for a new cost effective and comprehensive insurance approach, an enterprise wishing to put in place a particular activity-related cover, or a corporation looking to develop an insurance scheme for its employees or customers, we are equipped to offer you the best insurance solutions by international standards.

Our risk management service is extended to a large number of high net worth and corporately connected individuals seeking independent advice. Using our underwriting special terms for home, motor, medical, personal accidents and life covers, our account executives are equipped to place and administer the most complex portfolios of personal insurances and handle claim settlement thereof.In the past decade, we have secured the placement of special risks such as multi-properties single owned, art collections, high value jewelry and vintage and veteran cars.
Retail Activities
Our retail strategy is largely based on strategic alliances and ventures with networks of distribution such as bancassurers, affinity group including unions and employers, car dealers and shipping and forwarding agencies. In this regard, we coordinate our brokerage, training and process competence to enable our partners to provide appropriate insurance products to their own customers, members or employees. 

In planning our schemes we work with our distributing partner to identify particular cover requirements. We also work together on promotion and marketing plans to ensure that all members of the group are able to benefit. For larger schemes we are also able to offer personalized hard and soft solutions as well as dedicated quotation and service phone lines.
The offices of CAPE sal are in a mid-XIX century 2-floor Lebanese house located in the historic Jesuit district of Saifi. The offices are at the main gate of Beirut’s downtown and 10 minutes from the International Airport. 

The building consists of three different dwellings with the earliest one located on the first floor dating back to 1847. When the company purchased the building it was severely damaged by over 30 years of neglect. 

The house has been totally renovated in the early 00’ to become CAPE’s head office based on strict historic building renovation practices.
L 18, Sylvestre de Sassy St, Saifi District 2027 1209
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